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This world is a mountain.
What we do is a shout.
The echo comes back to us.

*from The King , the Handmaiden and the Doctor.

"When you heal yourself, you heal others and the world."
~Shakti Miller

Lifeforce Holistic Healing & Counseling

Health is about creating a new relationship with ourselves - a cooperative and conscious partnership of body, mind & spirit.


You can discover  your specific needs so that you can realize optimum health, vitality, and well being-- because the bodymind innately moves toward health when given the chance.  The secrets of health and well-being are within each person as the bodymind is a dynamic & self-healing well.

The Lifeforce Holistic approach facilitates your healing with every system of your being -- the physical, biochemical, structural, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects are all evaluated.  Each system's needs are ascertained.  Energy blocks are removed, toxicity is eliminated, energy systems become balanced and ease replaces disease. 

This holistic approach is a synthesis of ancient, proven modalities and modern tools and techniques that reveal an individual's needs.  When what is needed is given to the body, balance results and health and well-being are optimized.  

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